The SPIN Tradition

This is family. This is community. This is resilience. This is SPIN.

A Loving Legacy

Only seven people stayed after the official meeting of the Home & School Association one evening in early 1970s; six parents of children with ‘special needs’ and one teacher. Their dream was a summer camp. Each pitched in $5 for a starting budget. They named their dream “Camp SPIN”, but the price of insurance became the obstacle to opening that first summer.

Disappointed, but undeterred, they pushed on holding almost weekly grassroots fundraising efforts. Fifteen months after the dream began, Camp SPIN opened. Filled with fun, love, hope, connection, and people who believed that everyone is valuable and flourishes with the right support. This became the legacy of SPIN.

Since 1970, SPIN has met the challenges it faces by coming together and counting on people to be and bring their best to others

Community and the can-do spirit are in our DNA

Through fifty years of learning and growing, SPIN thrives today because of a strong foundation, a powerful believe in values and the love and devotion of families, staff, and community. SPIN has nurtured, supported and enabled a life of possibilities for thousands of people and families for more than 50 years.

Disappointments and setbacks will always be part of the landscape for SPIN, but we have learned well from our Founders. Our belief in people and one another is powerful and our resolve is unwavering. SPIN will continue its great mission of love, hope, growth, and a life of possibilities for decades to come.