Preschool Early Intervention Program

About the Program

Services are provided through SPIN for children ages 3-5 years who live in Philadelphia in partnership with Elwyn Early Learning Services.  If you are concerned about your preschool child’s development and they have not yet been evaluated, contact Elwyn’s Early Learning Services Access to Care Line at 215-222-8054.    

If your child is determined eligible for preschool early intervention, they may be referred to SPIN who is a provider in the Elwyn network.  They will receive services that are listed on their Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.).  These services are provided free of charge to eligible children and may be classroom-based or community-based in a home or your child’s childcare location. 

Program highlights:

If your child is determined eligible for these services, you are free to request SPIN as your provider.  We will work closely with Elwyn Early Learning Services to provide high-quality services as listed. 

For more information on all early intervention services in Pennsylvania, please check out the website for the Office of Child Development & Early Learning.

If you live outside of Philadelphia County and you have questions about your child’s development, you may call the CONNECT Helpline: 1-800-692-7288 or email

The CONNECT Helpline assists families in locating resources and providing information regarding child development for children ages birth to age five. In addition, CONNECT can assist parents by making a direct link to their county Early Intervention program or local preschool Early Intervention program. If you are unable to connect with your EI program, or you have difficulty starting intervention services, please email the Office of Child Development and Early Learning: