Frank Dellisanti

Chief Operating Officer

Frank has an MBA from Arcadia University with a concentration in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science from Peirce College in Business Administration. An employee of SPIN since 2001, Frank has focused on developing data-based, decision-making models to align with SPIN’s polices, systems, processes, and activities to achieve organizational outcomes. Frank’s collaboration between SPIN departments has helped to build protocols and efficiencies, as well as manage, troubleshoot, and overcome unexpected hurdles.

 Throughout his tenure, Frank has taken on many roles in SPIN’s service lines, including IT, Residential Services, Deployment Services, Utilization Management and Real Property. His experience and unique skill set has allowed him to build systems and processes interdepartmentally to address critical business issues, while also maximizing impact and enhancing services across the organization.

 In 2020, Frank was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and currently oversees many of the operations functions of SPIN including all aspects of talent acquisition, development and retention of “right-fit staff.” One of Frank’s favorite aspects of his role at SPIN is that it allows him to connect and problem-solve with so many different employees throughout the organization.  Through his leadership, Frank inspires his teams to think creatively, work collaboratively and plan for the future of SPIN with resiliency and compassion.