Mindy Lederhandler Lutts

Corporate Officer, Organizational Development

Mindy Lederhandler Lutts has a BA in Psychology from Holy Family University and an M. Ed. from Temple University. Mindy has worked at SPIN since 1972 and has experienced employment within the agency at every level, beginning as a volunteer camp counselor.

As a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Mindy was instrumental in the development of socialization, recreation, and leisure programs at SPIN as well as day services in the early 80’s. Mindy has long lasting ties with the families who were instrumental to the founding of SPIN and maintains deep respect in the roots of the organizations focus on families, choice, and life in the community.

In her role with Real Property and Transportation, Mindy has worked to assure that individuals live in safe and beautiful environments and mobilize in the community safely. Finally, within Organization Development Mindy continues the SPIN tradition, being dedicated to the growth of membership and raising funds to assure that SPIN will always have the ability to maintain quality, which has become the agency’s trademark.