A Life of Possibilities

SPIN is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1970 to provide the highest quality services to people of all ages with autism and intellectual/developmental disability. SPIN is also a leading provider of inclusive, early childhood education. We believe that everyone deserves to achieve to their fullest potential and to live a life of possibilities. We develop each person’s strengths, integrate them into the community, and create a culture of inclusion and hope. We serve over 3500 people every year in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley.

The SPIN Tradition

A Loving Legacy

Community and the can-do spirit are in our DNA. In 1971, there were no summer programs serving children with developmental disabilities in Philadelphia. A group of parents in the city’s northeast neighborhoods demanded more for their children, so they organized to create it themselves. They joined forces with two special education teachers at their local public school, David and Trina Losinno. Together, they created Camp SPIN. David, Trina, and several of the camp’s early counselors became the organizations first leaders, growing SPIN over its first 40 years from a summer camp into a multi-faceted organization. Today, with new leaders who have been with SPIN since the early 80’s, SPIN serves over 3500 children and adults every year.

Living Our Values

When you receive our services, work on our team, or support our mission, your experience with us is shaped by our core values.
These four pillars guide everything we do:


We put people first.
We develop people, nurture relationships, and celebrate differences.
We serve with professionalism.
We are competent, dependable, and trustworthy.
We focus on solutions.
We are productive, innovative, and resourceful.
We lead with excellence.
We position ourselves to deliver the highest quality services.

Our Community

SPIN community of people we serve

The People We Serve

SPIN’s services support people throughout their lifespan based on their needs and choices. Children with and without developmental delays including autism from birth through age six are served in early intervention, Head Start, Pre-K and childcare programs. Children 2-21 years with Autism are also supported to achieve positive behavioral and emotional outcomes. Adults are supported through various services including residential, community employment, and day supports. SPIN’s Norcom Community Center serves the community as a fitness and recreation center and a gathering place for the entire community.

SPIN community of families


Families come to SPIN and trust us with the most important people in their lives: their loved ones. Whether they bring their children to one of our preschool programs or their adult family member is receiving services, SPIN recognizes and understands the tremendous trust families have in us to provide the highest quality service to their family member. As a family organization, SPIN values and seeks to support the families who put their trust in us. We commit to open, professional communication and involvement of family in everything we do.

SPIN community of employees


SPIN employees are and have always been the key ingredient to the success of SPIN services and supports. Our employees are hard working, dedicated, loyal, talented people of all ages and backgrounds who embody the mission, culture and pillars of SPIN in their life’s work. SPIN employees are highly qualified and provide best practice, quality supports while growing their knowledge, skills and competencies. We are proud and inspired by our employees who give so much of themselves to support the needs of children and adults to live a life of possibility.

SPIN community of members and supporters


SPIN membership is a forty-five year old tradition, dating back to the founders of SPIN. At that time parents, receiving no funding for services for their children, decided that they needed to do it themselves. Today families, staff and community participants make up our membership and help us to remain a strong organization.
SPIN members are the stakeholders of the organization and demonstrate that they are committed to the individuals we support. Members meet yearly in October to hear about the accomplishments and goals of our organization. SPIN members provide the foundation of our organization showing, by their contributions, that they are vested in maintaining and assuring quality services and a life of possibilities for everyone.

Our Goals

Strategic Plan 2023-2024

SPIN’s Strategic Plan for 2024 focuses on creating a “A Healthy Organization where People Thrive”.

View our Thematic Goal and Strategic Plan for 2024

Our Impact

A Year in Review

Get a yearly snapshot of our impact: the needs we address, the scope of our services, the resources we invest, and our partners in impact.

Read Our Annual Report

Our Leadership

Judith R. Dotzman – President and CEO


Judy launched her commitment to SPIN as a college intern over 40 years ago realizing her immediate connection to SPIN’s mission, culture and values. Judy began in the field in direct support as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Her passion for innovative, inclusive community resource development and collaboration has been a hallmark.  Judy holds a Master’s of Education from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science from the Pennsylvania State University. Judy has been supporting the growth and development of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism since her employment at SPIN in1986. Judy has dedicated herself to a career providing ensuring and leading quality, best practice services and supports.


Judy served as the Corporate Officer of Professional Development at SPIN leading SPIN to achieve nationally recognized success in the area of professional workforce development. In May 2011, Judy was promoted to Executive Director leading people first services and a Top Workplace. Judy was selected to succeed Kathy McHale and promoted to Chief Executive Officer on July 1, 2023.


Judy served as President of the Philadelphia Alliance of Community Service Providers and currently serves as Past President. In addition, Judy is the Co-Chair of PAR’s Employment First Committee and has served on ANCOR’s Foundation Board, Workforce Professional Association, and Community College of Philadelphia, Arcadia University, Temple University and Holy Family University’s Advisory Councils.


Judy has invested in leadership at all levels while developing a quality workforce. She believes in the power of possibility and that partnering and investing in people can provide unique opportunities for everyone to reach their fullest potential and share their strengths with others.

Frank M. Brown – Corporate Officer,  Residential Services


Frank_Brown_webFrank has his B.A. in Education from Lincoln University and a Masters in Education from Arcadia University.


He has over 26 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Disabilities and 20 of those years are with SPIN. Frank’s career started in 1986 as a Direct Support Professional during his summer break from teaching. This experience helped to mold his professional career in the field of Intellectual Disabilities.


Since 1991, Frank worked as a Residential Supervisor until 1996 when he became a Residential Manager. In 2002, Frank was given the opportunity as the Director of Residential Services and then as Regional Director for the transition of EMAN to SPIN in July, 2009. In September, 2010, Frank was promoted to the position of Corporate Officer at SPIN.


Dedicated to the mission of SPIN and to providing quality supports for all individuals receiving services from SPIN, Frank is also committed to the personal growth and professional development of staff and managers throughout the organization.  Frank is also dedicated to ensuring that all people have the opportunity to enjoy, responsibly, the rights and privileges as members of their community.

Kimberly Chapman – Corporate Officer, Adult Services Program Operations


Kim has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Shippensburg University with a concentration in Industrial Organization.  Kim started working in the field of Human Services in a direct care role.  She began her career path at SPIN in 1995 as a Supervisor in Residential Services. A strong connection with the mission and values of SPIN ensued.


Throughout her time at SPIN, Kim has competently risen to occasions of multiple growth opportunities through advancing qualitative outcomes.  Kim led project teams and departments in achieving substantial results including shift standardizations that produced significant reductions in expenses and growth in revenue. She led a reorganization of Health Services that drove immeasurable advances in the health, safety and well-being of the individuals we support.


Kim’s versatility and leadership is evident in the diverse set of roles and positions she has held in her tenure at SPIN, including Residential Services, Staff Deployment, Quality Assurance, Health Services, Utilization Management and in her role as Regional Director of SPIN Lehigh Services.  Her experience and accomplishments demonstrate a vast knowledge base in development, implementation and quality service delivery.  Kim cultivates a collaborative approach that is solutions driven.  She is focuses on efficient and effective project success, resource planning and management while always advancing service quality.


Kim holds sovereign an utmost priority in people-first services and supports as well as continuous quality improvement, best practice and ongoing professional development across the organization.  Kim was promoted to Corporate Officer for Adult Services Program Operations in May 2023.  Her scope encompasses deployment services, utilization management and health services across the organization.

Frank Dellisanti – Chief Operating Officer


Frank has an MBA from Arcadia University with a concentration in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science from Peirce College in Business Administration. An employee of SPIN since 2001, Frank has focused on developing data-based, decision-making models to align with SPIN’s polices, systems, processes, and activities to achieve organizational outcomes. Frank’s collaboration between SPIN departments has helped to build protocols and efficiencies, as well as manage, troubleshoot, and overcome unexpected hurdles.


Throughout his tenure, Frank has taken on many roles in SPIN’s service lines, including IT, Residential Services, Deployment Services, Utilization Management and Real Property. His experience and unique skill set has allowed him to build systems and processes interdepartmentally to address critical business issues, while also maximizing impact and enhancing services across the organization.

In 2020, Frank was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and currently oversees many of the operations functions of SPIN including all aspects of talent acquisition, development and retention of “right-fit staff.” One of Frank’s favorite aspects of his role at SPIN is that it allows him to connect and problem-solve with so many different employees throughout the organization.  Through his leadership, Frank inspires his teams to think creatively, work collaboratively and plan for the future of SPIN with resiliency and compassion.

Sharon Heileman, Corporate Officer, Children Programs


Sharon is the Corporate Officer of Children’s Programs at SPIN.   She has worked in various capacities during her 20-year tenure at SPIN, including her leadership role in the behavioral health and education services department.


Sharon earned her Bachelor’s degree from Temple University and Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Holy Family University. She has graduate level credits in Special Education from Arcadia University and a certificate in Applied behavior Analysis from Penn State University.


Sharon began her career working at a local childcare center and later accepted a position as a Behavioral Health Technician.  While in graduate school, Sharon earned an internship at a Philadelphia Elementary School and taught at an after-school tutoring program.  Sharon went on to become a Certified School Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Behavior Specialist.  She specializes in working with children diagnosed with Autism and has worked as a Behavior Specialist and Counselor before entering management in various positions at SPIN.


Sharon joined the SPIN team in 2005 as a Special Instructor in an Early Intervention classroom and in community-based locations.  Sharon has a passion for working with children and seeing them grow, learn and achieve their full potential!

Jennifer Hughes, Corporate Officer, Public Relations and Communications


Jennifer’s relationship with SPIN began as a teenager working as a summer camp counselor where she made lifelong friends and felt the joy of assisting children and adults supported by SPIN. After achieving a B.A. in Public Administration from Saint Joseph’s University, Jennifer returned to SPIN in 1996, beginning her full-time career as Special Assistant to the Corporate Officer team. Later Jennifer took on the role of Chief of Staff supporting SPIN’s Executive Team by leading special projects and managing the corporate staff. Her leadership developed into becoming the liaison between SPIN’s Executive Team and departmental managers, facilitating the Corporate Officers to achieve the organization’s strategic goals. Through Jennifer’s project oversight, she has helped SPIN implement new program initiatives, develop new facilities, and grow SPIN’s fundraising and community relations efforts.


As Corporate Officer for PR and Communications, Jennifer is responsible for sharing SPIN’s mission and story to enhance SPIN’s brand, reputation and image. She leads SPIN’s external and internal communication strategies and plans that promote key initiatives and programs, while raising awareness for SPIN and its role in the community.


Jennifer is proud of the work she has done over her years at SPIN and is dedicated to ensuring that the legacy of a caring community is carried on.  Jennifer is delighted that both her daughters have seen the value of her career choice and followed in her footsteps by being a part of the camp community through their high school and college years.

Michael E. Hughes, Esq. – Chief Legal & Compliance Officer


Michael has a Juris Doctorate Degree, Cum Laude, from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing Michigan and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Joseph’s University. Michael was admitted by The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to the Bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1994.


Michael initially clerked for two judges in the Court of Common Pleas in Montgomery County and thereafter worked in private practice for approximately four years. In 1999, Michael came to SPIN as Director of Legal Affairs and was later promoted to Corporate Officer of Legal Affairs and Compliance. Michael and his team assure that the health, safety, and welfare of the individuals that SPIN serves are continually protected. Michael and his team also assure that these same individuals have their rights protected and have a voice in making their own decisions.


Michael works with all departments of the agency to ensure that there is compliance with the various governmental laws, rules, and regulations. In doing so, Michael creates discussion within and between departments developing a collective understanding and answer within the agency to any question that may arise.


Michael sees that providing quality services to the individuals SPIN serves as paramount to our success and remains dedicated to the mission of the agency.

Mindy Lederhandler Lutts – Corporate Officer, Organizational Development


Mindy Lederhandler Lutts has a BA in Psychology from Holy Family University and an M. Ed. from Temple University. Mindy has worked at SPIN since 1972 and has experienced employment within the agency at every level, beginning as a volunteer camp counselor.


As a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Mindy was instrumental in the development of socialization, recreation and leisure programs at SPIN as well as day services in the early 80’s. Mindy has long lasting ties with the families who were instrumental to the founding of SPIN and maintains deep respect in the roots of the organizations focus on families, choice and life in the community.


In her role with Real Property and Transportation, Mindy has worked to assure that individuals live in safe and beautiful environments and mobilize in the community safely. Finally within Organization Development Mindy continues the SPIN tradition, being dedicated to the growth of membership and raising funds to assure that SPIN will always have the ability to maintain quality, which has become the agency’s trademark.

Pattrick G. McCormick – Chief Information Officer


Pat McCormick re-joined SPIN in May 2021 after an extensive career as an entrepreneur and in top leadership roles with large IT service organizationsHe is a member of SPIN’s Executive team with overall responsibility for the organization’s IT strategy, planning & development. Pat has a strong background and track record in transforming operations and business efficiency through business process automation and change management.


Previously, Pat launched an innovative, award-winning IT cloud service business which was later successfully acquiredThe combined organization continued its expansion by growing its product and service portfolio and expanding its market footprint to a national scale. After a much larger acquisition, Pat’s top leadership role included a team of over 1,000, including executives, sales professionals, executives, project managers and technical staff.


Pat started his career at SPIN after college graduationHe was elevated to Executive Director of Operations during a high growth period as SPIN expanded its role in imagining, advocating for and growing opportunities for greater independence for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.


He credits his career success on the strong core values, the commitment to people and the business principles he learned in his foundational years at SPIN.


Pat earned his BA at Holy Family University and his MBA at LaSalle University.

Our Board

SPIN Corporate Board


The SPIN Corporate Board is the governing body of the organization, responsible to govern in accord with established By-Laws and Board policies. The Board is elected from SPIN membership and as such each Board member has already demonstrated a commitment to SPIN and its mission. There is a rotation defined within the By-Laws for Board member tenure. Every year SPIN’s Corporate Board reviews and approves the Annual Plan and Budget, reviews the annual audit of the organizations finances and operations and the 990 and evaluates the CEO in accord with the success of the organization.



Kathleen Brown McHale


Kathy Neumeister
Board Chair


Andrea Temple
Immediate Past Chair


Christian Muniz


Shuvankur Roy



Phyllis Barbera


Marie T. Leonard


Joseph T. Murphy



David Armbrister


Lamont Bates


Maggie Harkins


Courtney Mitchell


Edward J. Russell


Ronald Schwartz


Nick Smith


Mark Zinman