Peace and Understanding

At SPIN, we are saddened by what has occurred in Minneapolis and greatly concerned about the injustice that has caused harm and inflicted trauma throughout the community. SPIN’s mission is also one of social justice and we understand what is at stake and how challenging it is to achieve when discrimination is in the heart of some people. We all must speak out against injustice, but we must do it peacefully.


Over the weekend, we are seeing the effects and impact of the violence that has now erupted into more violence. The message to be carried forward is that all people deserve to be protected and treated equally and that discrimination and injustice has no place in our country.


We believe that peaceful opposition and demonstration can achieve a better society and that violence will not advance that mission. We know the violence in Philadelphia has had a great impact on many of our employees and the SPIN community. This is further hardship that no one needs at this time, especially our hardworking employees.


We ask once again for all in our community to show peace and understanding toward one another, now and always. We must care about each other and treat each other with dignity and kindness. I ask us to all help each other through this very difficult time.


On behalf of SPIN, please be careful, be safe and stand together peacefully on behalf of justice for all.

Kathy, Judy and the SPIN Executive Team