The SPIN Choir was excited to perform and share their talents for everyone at the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disABILITY Services 32nd Annual “My City, My Place” Brighter Future Awards. In addition to performing with the choir, Lauren was given the opportunity to start the day with the “Fashions for All” Fashion show. SPIN nominated some of our amazing community members for awards.

Brooke Lomupo and Staci Sorrell won the Physical Award of Excellence. They were nominated for their amazing work as speech language pathologists who work to improve health, safety and wellbeing for individuals SPIN supports.

Jamiel Owens won the Social Award of Excellence. He was nominated for the amazing support he provides by sharing his perspective of the Autism experience for families.

Debbie & Ryan Quinn won the Cultural Arts Award of Excellence. They were nominated for their support of their neighbor Josh by welcoming him into their lives, supporting DJ Hot Sauce and connecting Josh with the rest of his neighborhood.

SPIN is very lucky to have so many amazing supporters throughout the community.