SPIN Service closures due to Coronavirus

March 15, 2020


Dear SPIN Community,

Much has changed concerning the Coronavirus situation since this past Friday. Over the weekend the Executive team has been monitoring the situation and communicating with health authorities and the state and local agencies that oversee our services. We have also been reviewing the federal legislation concerning getting relief to people affected by the Coronavirus situation, which is House Bill 6201. We have also heard from families and many of our employees.

The executive team has just completed a 2-hour meeting where we have decided that the following is in everyone’s best interest in our attempt to prevent the spread of the virus and keep everyone healthy by reducing settings with a high density of people.

    • Beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27, we will close all Children’s Services locations with plans to reopen on Monday, March 30.


    • Beginning Monday March 16, we are determining our ability to deliver school-based services in the homes of the children. In those situations where our staff will be asked to deliver services in a child’s home, staff will use a script to question the family in regard to the risk for coronavirus in the home and if there is a risk, staff will not provide the service.


    • For Behavioral Health & Autism Services – We have just received information on our ability to use telehealth functions for service delivery effective immediately.  The BHAS management team will meet Monday, March 16 to clarify these regulations and assess what this means for our services and will provide further guidance by Monday afternoon, 3/16 to all in the department.  Until then, every Behavioral Health & Autism team member should refer to the email sent by Annemarie Clarke on Friday afternoon, 3/13.


    • Beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday March 27, we are closing our licensed Community Participation Services at 10980 Norcom Road in Philadelphia, with plans to reopen on Monday, March 30.


    • SPIN Community & Fitness will close Monday, March 16th at noon.


    • From Monday, March 16, through Friday March 27, we will not provide 100% Community Participation Services in Philadelphia or Lehigh with plans to return to providing this service on Monday, March 30.


    • We are assessing the needs of people to receive support in Employment and communication will be forthcoming from Employment Services management.


    • All Residential homes will remain open, however, individuals will not be attending their day services in order to reduce their risk in being with large groups of people. We will discourage families and others from visiting the homes and from taking their loved ones home during the 2-week period, unless they take them for the entire two-weeks. Additionally, non-essential appointments and outings will be discouraged during this period.

    • All essential SPIN managers, support staff and operations staff will need to continue to work. Corporate officers and Directors will plan with you as to who may work from home.


    • Some managers and support staff who are non-essential will not need to work during the two-week period. This is being determined by the executive team together with senior managers and it will be communicated to those affected.


    • DSPs, adult services managers and adult services support staff with qualifications or who can easily become qualified may be redeployed to work in homes as necessary.


Offices at 10501 Drummond, Southampton Road, Vernon Road and Avenue C will continue to be open over the 2-week period. All locations will be deep cleaned so that everyone feels safe upon returning to services on March 30th.

This has been a particularly challenging time for everyone and through it all our first concern is the health and safety of each of the children and adults we support as well as our valued employees. We will continue to keep everyone informed as to how we are handling this health situation.


To our SPIN staff, for more information please review your email.


Thank you,