Turnover for Direct Support Staff for Americans with disabilities reaches ‘crisis’ level

Last week ANCOR Foundation and United Cerebral Palsy(UCP) released a report about the workforce crisis among Direct Support Professionals across the nation, with a job turnover rate reaching almost 45 percent nationally. While SPIN is fortunate to have a turnover rate of ??? our workforce and the individuals who are supported by them feel the impact of the staff changes. In an article published on TheHill.com. SPIN’s Nick Smith and Lauren Nielsen spoke with The Hill about their experiences both as a SPIN DSP and someone who relies on one – emphasizing the important work DSPs do in the community. Providers like SPIN pay wages based on the rates the state sets. DSPs deserve a fair living wage for the work they do for the people we support. SPIN’s CEO Kathy McHale has dedicated a significant amount of time to educating state officials and legislators on the importance of the workforce crisis and this is further evidence that something must change in our system to offer a living wage to Direct Support Professionals.

Click here to read the full article. . of the role and https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/other/481677-turnover-for-direct-support-staff-for-disabled-americans-reached